Why Hand Washing is So Critical That it Can Suggest a Pass Or Are unsuccessful on the CNA Exam

Right after you have concluded the written part of the CNA Examination, the pressure will continue to mount – bodily, mentally, and emotionally. And there will be one particular activity remaining to achieve. Apart from respecting the resident’s privateness, and supplying security and convenience, cleanliness is a leading precedence. Why? To prevent the resident from acquiring sick, as well as preventing the spread of disease to other people. Infectious ailments, many of which are spread by unclean palms, remain the leading lead to of loss of life around the world and the third-major result in of death in the United States.

You will be element of the health care team. Wellness care workers’ primary aim is to ensure the resident’s security, dignity, and privateness. Take a look at takers are anticipated to clean their hands before and following physical get in touch with with the resident. CNA take a look at takers presently know the significance of hand washing since it is taught by class instructors in the course of instruction. Nevertheless, several CNA check takers failed the medical examination either due to the fact they do not stick to the appropriate procedure for hand washing, or they are so pressured and nervous to the extent that they neglect critical details of hand washing. It is standard to truly feel anxious and pressured in the course of the test, but you should remain targeted and consider preserve in thoughts your education.


Avoid utilizing acrylic nails and other ‘fake’ nails, such as suggestions, which are not permitted any longer in most well being care settings, thanks to the truth that they harbor germs. Don’t forget that lathering the soap and washing your fingers with cleanse drinking water need to just take a optimum of twenty seconds. Some state evaluators are quite distinct about hand washing and as a result demand it to be performed inside of 20 seconds. Primarily based on Expert evaluation of a single man or woman who took the CNA examination, she did not move the skills test because she only washed her arms for fifteen seconds. How unfortunate that was for her. It is for that reason not achievable to anticipate the common for every single condition evaluator. Hand washing is a reasonably basic method, but if not done accurately, it could stop up turning out to be the purpose for your failure. So to be on the secure side, clean your arms for twenty seconds. In any situation, you will find no hurt in taking a few far more seconds to comprehensive the treatment.

For Hand Washing: (Do not neglect!!!)

Set apart some paper towels before you start
Switch on the h2o and use a truthful amount of cleaning soap
Wash arms totally, up to the wrists and below your fingernails for at minimum twenty seconds
Make confident fingernails are positioned downward for drinking water to drip off of, then tear off paper towels and dry your palms
Use a paper towel to switch the water on and off. Even though these measures could appear in depth and petty, the examiner will be seeing for each and every of them, so never lower corners
Keep fingernails trimmed. Long nails harbor germs!
The best way to master this talent is by means of exercise. You can practice this skill at property. Make your own simulation and research. Washing your palms properly lets your examiner know that you treatment about maintaining cleanliness and stopping the transfer of germs to your patients or residents.

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